It’s often said that it takes 7 touch points before people commit to a sale. We find that this number is lower when it comes to contributing to good causes, however it’s still a great idea to regularly remind and update your audience. 

Keep your fund fresh by using our Updates blog feature to engage potential and existing supporters. 

As well as being seen by everyone who visits your fund, your update will automatically be sent to supporters via email keeping them informed and engaged. You can connect your Facebook page so that these updates are automatically posted as a Facebook status too.

Use Updates to inform supporters about how the fund is doing, what milestones you’ve hit and how they can help spread the word. Tips for a great post may include thanking those who contributed to the campaign - so that they feel appreciated, while reminding you even those who have not yet contributed to do so. If possible, tag them as a supporter in the Facebook post to encourage them to share the post to a wider audience. Of course if you can think of fun things to say in an update this works very well too. 

Updates can be images or YouTube videos which embed within your campaign page.

We find that most payments are completed on Wednesdays and Fridays and we recommend conducting your marketing activities on Tuesday - Friday.