Having a great story is only one aspect of your fund page. A picture can tell a thousand words so choose one that really illustrates the purpose of your fund. You might be raising money for a new football strip for your youth team, but a shot of a pairs of socks might not illustrate that as well as the smiling faces of the team playing football. 

Your background image will automatically be resized to fit the page but please upload a good quality image of at least 1200px wide and preferably around 800px high.

The overlay image is a square (png or gif) image best at 500x500px. It can be faded to be translucent or transparent on top of your background image and you’d prefer not to make the background transparent, it’s usually best with a white background.

You can upload videos as an Update via YouTube. Do remember not to make them too long. Get the main message over in the first 90 seconds of your video, and 2-4 minutes is probably long enough. Anything over 5 minutes is unlikely to be watched in full.