When you publish your page we automatically create a banner for you to add to your organisation’s website to direct traffic to your fund page. It is responsive, so works on mobile and is updated in real time so everyone can see how your fund is progressing.


You can find the banner under the ‘Banner & Thank You Mail’ tab.


Within this area you can easily change the heading, image and button text. The banner width adjusts to your website but is available in two different heights:


One that is 360 pixels high where the contribute button is below the image. This fits well into square and large containers.

And one that is 140 pixels high where the contribute button is on the right-hand side. This has a landscape format that fits full-width containers.

Use an inspirational image and a descriptive title and a clear call to action so that people click through to your campaign.


Place your banner somewhere clearly visible on your website. You can insert the banner on several pages and have different variations on different pages of your site.


You may also wish to get supporting organisations to add the banner to their websites too. Such as a local restaurant adding a charity or sports club’s banner to their site.