Sharing your campaign on social media is essential to reaching as many people as possible. After direct emails to your database of contacts it should be your next step in successfully promoting your campaign online.

We notice a big difference in the amount raised by campaigns that are active on social media and those who are not. Don’t be afraid to remind people about your campaign multiple times, from why you’re raising money to thanking people for their contributions, or notifications about milestones reached.



Facebook is the best social media platform for sharing your campaign to a wider audience. 

Facebook Top Tips:

  • Prepare a first post that inspires and is clear about why your campaign is important. Post this on your organisation and personal Facebook pages about your campaign, explaining the purpose, how much you’d like to raise and how people can get involved. 

  • Pin your first or most important post - In the top right of your Facebook post you can choose to "Pin to top of page" which ensures it stays visible and doesn’t get lost in the clutter.

  • Thank those who support the campaign in a Facebook post, if possible tag them in the post too! 

  • Encourage others to share your posts. 

  • Ask those who have already contributed to share your project on their Facebook wall. 

  • Vary your posts with different kinds of content. You could, for example, interview someone who supported the fund about why they think it’s an important cause.

  • Include a request for your supporters to share on Facebook in the Thank You email message you send. Have a pre-written message that they can easily post to Facebook, and let them know how important it would be in helping you raise awareness and get more contributions.

  • Add a picture or video in the post - something that inspires. Photos and videos are usually more engaging than just text. People are more likely to share and comment on them and this increases the likelihood of your campaign being shared more widely.

  • Dare to remind people often, it usually takes 4-5 reminders before people decide to give. 


Twitter can be used for quick, direct, and casual interactions with your followers. Be sure to share your short-link in your posts, and answer questions or comments about your campaign.

Be sure you have a pre-determined hashtag to rally your posts around, and include it in each of your posts (on twitter, but also facebook, instagram etc.).


Instagram is a valuable social channel for image-driven campaigns. If your story can be told visually or has a strong visual component, consider integrating Instagram into your Facebook and Twitter content strategies.