What’s Your Story?


Have a clear objective so that it’s easy for people to understand the purpose of your campaign. It’s good to have a short story around how you came to fundraise, your motivation and passion. People are more likely to support your cause and share the campaign with their friends if they understand why you’ve started the campaign. 


Make sure you cover the following must haves:

  • Who are you? The organisation, charity or team of people behind the campaign.

  • Why have you started the campaign?

  • How much do you want to raise?

  • How will the money raised be used? Give definite budgets if possible to build trust.

  • What impact will this have? What will the actual effect on people be?


Keep the opening information short and sharp taking into consideration the points mentioned. 


We’ve started this fund as our youth team can’t travel to away matches easily, we want to raise £10,000 for a minibus, this will ensure we can travel to around the region more easily, get to matches well prepared and as a team, and hopefully win more matches!


ps Spelling and grammar are important to people, make sure you give your page a good proofread! 




Having a great story is only one aspect of your fund page. A picture can tell a thousand words so choose one that really illustrates the purpose of your fund. 


You might be raising money for a new football strip for your youth team, but a shot of a pairs of socks might not illustrate that as well as the smiling faces of the team playing football. 


Your background image will automatically be resized to fit the page but please upload a good quality image of at least 1200px wide and preferably around 800px high.


The overlay image is a square (png or gif) image best at 500x500px. It can be faded to be translucent or transparent on top of your background image and you’d prefer not to make the background transparent, it’s usually best with a white background.



When you publish your page we automatically create a campaign banner ad for you to add to your organisation’s website to direct traffic to your fund page. 


You can find the banner under the ‘Banner & Thank You Mail’ tab. 


You may also wish to get supporting organisations to add the banner to their websites too. Such as a local restaurant adding a charity or sports club’s banner to their site.



Hero Levels & Rewards


You can create different payment buttons on your page to offer different levels of support. We recommend creating options as monthly subscriptions to encourage long-term relationships with your supporters, but you can also create options for one-off giving too. 


You can offer rewards tied to these payment options to encourage people to get involved. Some organisations use these options to sell season tickets or merchandise, collect monthly membership fees or to offer VIP packages.


  • Make the Reward title and description as clear as possible

  • Ensure you will be able to fulfill everyone’s rewards from the proceeds of the fund

  • Rewards don’t have to be physical items, consider low cost digital items or inclusion in a hall of fame

  • Offer a variety of options to appeal to different budgets

  • Keep pricing sensible to encourage involvement