In order to increase engagement and revenue, our organisations deserve the best, not the cheapest. The reason that so many organisations choose Zohero is because we help them raise more money after fees, than cheaper or free alternatives. Not only that, but we do it for longer too, creating long term fundraisers, a sustainable income for your organisation and increasing supporter satisfaction. 


So whether it’s giving you new ways to raise more money or helping organisations reduce their admin costs, we firmly believe that the best way to help organisations run more efficient, higher grossing fundraising campaigns is to deliver a consistently brilliant, and continuously improving platform. 

We don’t want any organisation to see innovation and new ideas as a risk, so it’s free to get started and only when an organisation raises money do we take a fee.  


To keep giving organisations the best product we can, we invest in innovation. As we strive to improve, we are yet to make a profit, ploughing all revenue straight back into the business to make Zohero better for everyone involved. 


We are 100% committed to making the world a better place through our organisations, and we will never stop improving to maximise our impact and theirs.